What We’re Reading: June 30 – July 6

Staying in tune, keeping your cool, and tweeting it all

Does studying music make you more “in tune”? Northwestern University researchers argue that it does with the release of their recent study detailing the arguably profound effect of music on the human brain. While on the topic of creativity and art: have you taken the online color challenge? Arrange 88 hues to find your score.

Much of the center of the country is roasting. Other than the obvious, stay in air conditioning, what can you do to keep cool? Time gives 10 tips on surviving the latest heatwave.

Apartment Therapy discusses the benefits of following REALTORS® on social media—you can access the newest listings.  Look at your social media from the consumer’s point of view to realize how important it is for attracting clients and customers.

Both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg reported that a smaller Apple tablet may be on the market by the year’s end.


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