What We’re Reading — July 7 to 14

Foods fit for a president, marketing musings, and more…

With the recent Supreme Court ruling on the health care law and the 2012 election campaigning running in full gear, there are a lot of rumors going around with regards to tax and real estate. Get the facts straight here and on our health insurance reform web page. The Washington Post also published a succinct and informative article on this topic today.

For a marketing class we read Kotler Marketing Group’s Q&A on marketing. “Satisfy the unment needs of target markets” made us wonder: what unfulfilled needs of your prospects can you satisfy? Perhaps connecting them with an energy efficient mortgage or energy efficient tax credits.

Colleagues in our marketing class have also discussed the pros and cons of holding open houses and using print publications. The concensus? It all depends on your location, the readership of print publications in your area, the generation of buyers and sellers in your area, and what is necessary to provide assurance to your clients that you are working hard for them, espeically when much of what you do is behind the scenes; maybe your clients need something tactile to feel at ease with the process? Our readings for this class include Sales and Marketing 101 for Real Estate Professionals and Marketing Real Estate Properties: The Science and the Magic.

Realtor.com helps homebuyers prepare for the zombie apocalypse with their list of stronghold estates.

And for fun, we give you: foods fit for a president (what the presidents ate when not at official functions). The one thing in common for all, regardless of political party? Indulgent and unhealthy!

Kate Stockert

Information & Web Content Specialist at the National Association of REALTORS®

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