Realtor Magazine Tool Kits back online

In addition to our Field Guides, Realtor Magazine used to have some similar one-stop-shopping tool kits to various real estate agent and brokerage office management topics on their website. The tool kits were an easy way to see the best articles and resources on important on-the-ground topics important to agents and brokers.

With website refreshes and several other changes, the information, while still good, got a bit long in the tooth. The decision was made to take the tool kits offline pending an update. We’re happy to report that Realtor Magazine is starting to restore these valuable tools. I’ve hyperlinked all available ones below. Please be aware that some of these are still being updated and their web addresses may change in the future. If a click below results in a dead link, try a direct search. Also comment to this post and I’ll try to keep it up to date.

update: the centralized tool kit home is now live!


Senior Information Specialist

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