Overpriced and no showings?

Here at NAR Information Central we frequently get asked to verify statements such as “If you have been listed for 14 days and have no showings, that means your home is overpriced.” Or someone has seen that NAR said “If you have been listed for a month with 10 showings but no offers, you are overpriced.” Here at NAR we tend to favor more concrete statements backed by statistics rather than these ‘gut instinct’ blanket generalizations. While sometimes we find an in-house source for these tips, more likely they are appearing in blog posts by practitioners or come from outside sources.

That being said, here are a few articles–from NAR and elsewhere on the web–that might fit the bill for supporting overpriced listing research. You won’t find any one size fits all answers like those above, but you will find information on how to price your home or listing and whether you might have missed the mark:

Ten Signs Your Home Might be Overpriced” from Realtor.com

Pricing Your Home from Creekview Realty

What to Do When a Home Lingers on the Market, from REALTOR® Magazine on Apr. 12, 2012

Staged-to-Sell, But Is it Priced-to-Sell? From NAR’s Styled, Staged, and Sold Blog, Sept. 12, 2011

Be More Persuasive on Pricing from REALTOR® Magazine

Swallow the Frog in Getting the Price Reduction from the YPN Lounge Blog

Tips for Pricing Your Home (handouts for buyers from REALTOR® Magazine)


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