What We’re Reading: Sept. 22 – Sept. 28

Maps, carmageddon, and job hunting by generation

Everyone’s freaking out about Apple’s new Maps application for iOS6. David Pogue of the New York Times called it an appalling first release and perhaps Apple’s least usable piece of software. CEO Tim Cook went so far as to apologize today, saying with use it would get better. The website All Things D says dropping Google Maps came down to Apple wanting voice turn-by-turn directions and Google wanting to keep that for the android platform exclusively.

A major freeway in Los Angeles is closed this weekend and the whole state is warned. Carmageddon!

Do millenials approach the job hunt differently than their older counterparts in Gen X or the Baby Boom generation? It turns out that they do, sometimes in surprising ways.

The new iPhone that came out last week has a slightly different shape than it’s predecessor, but if you have an older model there still are some wacky covers available.


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