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New life in a real estate career, a real estate finance reference tool, and Halloween treats

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A still sluggish economy, lack of opportunities in law and finance, and glow of reality tv fame is causing more and more young people to turn to real estate sales as a career, reports the Wall Street Journal. Some of the country’s flashiest and biggest deals are being brokered by agents in their 20s and 30s. Buyers and sellers are attracted to the young agents, according to the article, because of their drive and hunger.

For those looking for a desk reference resource on real estate finance, we recommend Clauretie & Sirmans’ book “Real Estate Finance: Theory and Practice.” Currently, the fourth edition is available for loan in the NAR Library. The book offers definitions and in depth details on a variety of real estate finance topics—both residential and commercial—covering interest rates, federal housing policies and taxation issues, business formation and liability, ADC (Acquisition, Development, and Constructing) financing, and much more.

Bloomberg offers a video reminder that you can’t always believe what you see and hear. Plus, a tip on how to distinguish between the real and the fake.

Dedication and Service from the Army’s Old Guard. Even during hurricanes and bad weather, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier has been continuously guarded since 1937.  Guards disobeyed orders to leave during Hurricane Isabel and carried on with their guard duties.

The aftermarket in stolen mobile phones has mostly been wide open up til now. A thief could simply bring a stolen phone to a dealer and get it reactivated on a new plan. Carriers are beginning to take counter-measures finally. The major players are starting to implement a stolen/lost phone database to check on the status of a dubious phone. While now a check is carrier specific the goal once everyone has made their list available it to combine their records into one master database. Advice on protecting your data and phone: keep it out of site, use a password lock, see if your device or carrier offers remote data wipe incase it is stolen.

Which candies do trick-or-treaters crave the most? How old is too old for trick-or-treating? Just how common is it for parents to stealthily munch their kids’ Halloween candy when no one’s looking? Here’s the low-down on Halloween treats.

Sweden is running out of trash and that is a problem, reports NPR.  Sweden send only 4% of its garbage to landfills, where it is converted into power.  The country is now forced to import trash from Norway to produce power. Wouldn’t it be great if the U.S. could recycle our trash as well as Sweden?

As winter approaches the time for warm, hearty comfort food commences. We’ve had great luck with Ina Garten’s Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup recipe. Most recently we substituted cauliflower, broccoli, and potato in place of the mushrooms and it turned out beautifully.


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