What We’re Reading: Nov. 24 – Nov. 30

More investor visas, MID in jeopardy, ch-ch-Chia!

Buy a home, get a Visa” programs have been in existence in a few European countries for awhile. Evidence to the effectiveness of the programs in helping housing markets however is scant. Now legislation has been introduced in the US. The Atlantic looks at what some legislators have proposed.

Tiny homes come to the Nation’s capital.

As the Fiscal Cliff draws near, experts are beginning to question the survivability of the mortgage interest deduction. As the Obama administration and lawmakers on Capitol Hill scramble to defuse automatic spending cuts and tax increases set to take effect Jan. 1, a herd of sacred cows — from Social Security and Medicare to deductions for charitable giving and mortgage interest — are in danger of losing their untouchable status.

OMG! The abbreviation is older than you think!

Chia seeds, those quick growing green miracles that can transform a piece of ordinary pottery into a delightful Chia Pet, are actually really good for you. Start eating!

As we search for alternative, clean energy sources any development on this front moves us forward. Rice University researchers are on the path to making steam without boiling water. The implications of such research are promising.

And last, we end on a positive note with a story of a selfless cop who does a good deed that goes viral. New York Police Officer Lawrence DiPrimo did the right thing to help a shoeless man in Times Square—he bought him a new pair of boots and socks.  A tourist from Arizona snapped a picture of that act and let the world know that Office DiPrimo is a hero!


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