New and Updated in the Library – Dec. 2012

Several Field Guides have been updated in the past month:

Low-Income Housing Tax Credits
The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program is run by the IRS and allows companies to invest in low-income housing, while receiving 10 years of tax credits. This important program works with state housing finance agencies to administer the program on a state level. Housing credit units are privately owned by developers and are run at a profit. Investigate this complex program by reading the articles in this Updated Field Guide.

Using Privacy & Security Features in Social Media
For most REALTORS®, social media has become an integral part of their marketing and communication efforts with clients, family and friends. This new media also brings with it some concerns over privacy and security. The rules of the game keep changing. Gone are the days when ‘default’ options are good enough. This field guide will give you background information on concerns with various popular social media sites as well as provide tips and suggestions to protect your privacy and identity.

Real Estate Office Mergers
Merging with or acquiring another business is a significant undertaking that will leave no area of your business untouched. One must pursue a merger or acquisition with caution and proper due diligence. According to McKinsey & Company, “some 70 percent of mergers fail to achieve expected revenue synergies,” (Mergers and acquisitions: New McKinsey Research Challenges Conventional M&A Wisdom, Strategy & Leadership, 2004 Q). However, with the right set of circumstances—culture cohesion, solid leadership and management, flexible employees, deft market positioning, a copacetic economy—a merger or acquisition can be a sound decision. This field guide will assist you in enumerating the issues and considerations of a merger or acquisition.

Buying and Selling During the Holidays
The holiday season is here.  Your buyers and sellers are asking if this is a good time to buy or sell a house.  Find out the pros and cons, how to stage a home during this time of year and whether to decorate or not.

Working with FSBOs
For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) sales declined to 10 percent of sales transactions in 2011, down from 14% of sales in 2003. 40% of FSBO sales occur when the seller knows the buyer, since a real estate agent is not usually needed in those types of transactions. Small towns and resort areas tend to have the highest rates of FSBO sales, with only 7% of suburban area transactions being FSBOs. Typically FSBO sellers have lower median incomes and are more often singles, especially single males. Every home seller must eventually decide whether to hire a REALTOR® or to sell the home on their own. But even after they decide to go solo, FSBOs can still be convinced to use a REALTOR®’s expertise. In this Field Guide you’ll find dozens of articles, books, videos, studies, statistics and Web sites to help you find out who FSBOs are and how to work with them.

Sales Techniques
Get top selling tips from NAR and other sources. Learn what works and what doesn’t work in real estate sales. Most importantly, find out which sales techniques successful REALTORS® use.

IRS Form 990 Reporting Rules for Nonprofits
The Internal Revenue Service has released an updated version of Form 990 for Tax-Exempt Organizations. Get the latest IRS information and find out how this update will affect your organization.

Listing & Selling Luxury Properties
Due to the limited quantity of luxury properties and prospective buyers, the listing and sale of luxury real estate may present some challenges. However, with the right marketing mix and a little creativity you can connect your luxury listings with qualified and interested buyers—perhaps a multimillion dollar home could be converted into a winery, convention retreat center, or hotel, or maybe connecting with the international community will help increase the pool of prospective buyers. This Updated Field Guide explores trends and performance of the luxury market, and offers tips and techniques for success.

Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)
“An underground storage tank system is a tank and any underground piping connected to the tank that has at least 10 percent of its combined volume underground. [Federal U.S. underground storage tank] regulations apply to only underground tanks and piping storing either petroleum or certain hazardous substances.” (Basic Information About the Underground Storage Tank Program, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Nov. 17, 2009). Why are underground storage tanks regulated by the U.S. government? As with any liquid-containing vessel, USTs have the ability to degrade and wear over time, in turn causing leaks. These leaks can pose substantial public health and safety risks, ranging from contaminating the groundwater that many Americans rely on for drinking water, to potential fire or explosion risk, (Overview of the Federal UST Program, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Apr. 2, 2010).

You meet lots of people in the real estate business—some nice and some not so nice. Learn how to protect yourself at open houses and in the car. Get safety tips, handouts and posters from the National Association of REALTORS® and REALTOR® Associations.

Twitter is a way of sending short bits of information to your subscribers. The messages are limited to 140 characters at a time, called a Tweet. Let your clients know what you are doing for them, post short descriptions of new listings, keep you team on schedule. Learn more from the following articles and resources (And be sure to follow NAR Info Central and NAR’s other Twitter accounts).

Employer-Assisted Housing
Employer-assisted housing programs help employers promote affordable housing solutions for their workers. They can provide a variety of benefits, including financial assistance, education programs, and housing counseling. This field guide explores how EAH programs work and offers resources to promote the concept among employers.

New books and eBooks were added too:

New eBooks in the Library
What’s new in the Information Central eBook collection? This month our featured eBook section is Residential Real Estate.  You’ll also find some of the following new titles in our “just added” section on the eBook home page: 365 Social Media Tips, 42 Rules of Marketing, Hot Button Marketing,  LinkedIn Marketing and many more. Interested in borrowing any of these titles from the eBook collection?  Simply click on the title to make your request right over the web!

New Books in the Library
What’s new in the Information Central library collection? This month you’ll find books on Hotel & Motel Appraisal, Disaster Planning, Appraising Historic Preservation Easements and many more. Interested in borrowing any of these titles from the library? Simply click on the title to make your request right over the web!


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