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Instagram outrage, aging in place, and twitter archives

The popular photo social media app Instagram recently modified its terms of service to include more ways to monetize their service. Predictably, users had a cow. As Nilay Patel explains, the new TOS actually is more limiting than previous versions and no, Instagram can’t sell your photos at will. The author concludes that our histrionics aren’t so much about Instagram, but rather our distrust of the app’s new owner, Facebook.

As more and more Boomers reach retirement, ‘Aging in Place‘ meaning staying in your own home rather than moving to a retirement community or specialized care is becoming more common. Boomers are remodeling their homes to make them more senior friendly with raised outlets, stair rails and wider pull handles on drawers and cupboards. While some of these changes can be pricey, these fixes can often pay for themselves in only a few months if the alternative is an assisted living center.

All your Tweets are belong to us: Twitter announces that you can now download ALL your tweets back to the beginning of time. Handily organized in a timeline view, you can see just how exciting life was for you once upon a time.

The world might be ending before the week is out, but in case it doesn’t you might want to prepare for the next apocalypse anyway. The New York Times offers some overpriced survival tools to consider as you huddle in your Park Avenue Co-op. FEMA offers a more practical guide to building your own emergency kit.

Wired attempts to answer the important questions of how much it costs to light your Christmas tree, how much it costs nationally to light decorations, and how much Clark Griswold spent per day for his old-fashioned lights in the movie Christmas Vacation. Really, it’s not that much.


And finally, all of us at Information Central would like to wish you and yours the Happiest of Holiday Seasons!


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