Updated in the Library – late January 2013

Several field guides on realtor.org have recently been updated:

1031 Exchanges
Section 1031 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code allows investors to defer capital gains taxes on the exchange of like-kind properties. 1031, or tax-deferred, exchanges hold great advantages for both investors and REALTORS®. This field guide provides access to articles, manuals, forms, ideas, and other information to help you start building your 1031 niche.

New Year, New You
The real estate industry and the world is changing and so should you. Get ideas about improving your life, finances and business.

Social Benefits of Home Ownership
The financial and tax benefits of owning a home vs. renting are very clear. Home ownership also provides many benefits to the family, children and the community, such as increased education for children, lower teen-age pregnancy rate and a higher lifetime annual income for children, as discussed in the following articles and studies.

Augmented Reality
We’ve all experienced Augmented Reality, although we probably haven’t realized it. As we watch a football game, a yellow first-down line appears on the screen. How does it get there? Mental Floss explains the complicated process of augmenting the picture by a computer program and many technicians. Learn about this up-and-coming technology and how it can benefit the real estate profession in this field guide.

Agency Disclosure
Managing risk is a necessity for real estate practitioners. According to Barron’s Dictionary of Real Estate Terms, agency disclosure “is a written explanation, to be signed by a prospective buyer or seller, explaining to the client the role that the broker plays in the transaction,” (Barron’s Educational Series, 2000). This Field Guide covers various aspects of agency disclosure, including policies, forms, and legislation. Further your knowledge of this complex topic with our selection of articles found below.

Do-Not-Call and Do-Not-Fax Laws
Sign up to access the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call Registry and stay in compliance with the law. As of January 1, 2005, telemarketers and sellers (including REALTORS®) are required to search the registry at least once every 31 days and drop from their call lists the phone numbers of consumers who have registered.

International Clients
The topic of international clients garners great interest and attention amongst real estate professionals and news providers these days. The real estate markets in the United States offer lucrative investment opportunities that attract a global audience. How can you capture the attention and interest of these prospective clients? Review the articles, reports, and resources below to learn more about international clients.

Cross-Cultural Business Etiquette
Want to make a good first impression with your international clients? Should you commence the relationship with a handshake, polite bow, or a simple nod? What steps do you need to take to go the extra mile with an international or foreign client? This field guide will assist you in building successful business relationships with individuals from cultures far and wide.


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