What We’re Reading: Jan. 26 – Feb. 1

Blackberry, small living, and disclosure dilemmas

David Pogue, the tech guy from the New York Times, gives BlackBerry’s ‘hail Mary’ phone, the Z10, a pretty glowing review while Walt Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal was a little more critical in his assessment. Is it possible that the floundering company might pull it off?

Millennials are willing to accept smaller spaces in exchange for walking neighborhoods. How do you help your Millennial clients make the most of small spaces? Gizmodo shares some great ideas for 420 square feet spots.

Complicated productivity systems may actually slow you down, says the Wall Street Journal. Color-coded calendars, 3-part to-do lists and churning through a series of productivity apps may not work for you. Some people have cobbled together a digital and paper system out of frustration with previous systems they have tried. Find out what works best for you and go for it!

Two stories about disclosure this week: A Pennsylvania homeowner sues seller over unreported murder/suicide. And in Montreal, prospective buyers in one trendy loft conversion now have to be informed that some of their neighbors are reputed mobsters.

If the Super Bowl isn’t your thing, why not check out the Puppy Bowl? The Chicago Tribune gives pics of the starting lineup.

Good news!  Some things will cost less in 2013, such as gas, vacation packages and flatscreen TVs.  To find out more, go CNN/Money.


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