Uncovering the origins of “Under All Is the Land…”

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  1. Frederik,

    Great piece! Please contact me about the possibility of running this article in our monthly magazine, the Orange County REALTOR.


    Kevin Holland
    Director, Communications and Publications

  2. DonnaWalters

    Thank you! Informative and interesting

  3. A good reminder of how NAR came to be and how valuable of a resource it can be.

  4. Cliff Niersbach

    Thank you, Frederik, for all you and so many other state, local and national staffers are doing to help our members focus attention on one of the primary reasons for NAR’s founding, and why the Code remains vital. Those early REALTORS® whose “gift of vision” still endures would be pleased to see it going “viral” during the centennial year. Hopefully this enthusiasm will continue well into the REALTOR® family’s second century.

  5. Barbara Hogan

    Thank you very helpfull

  6. Barbara Hogan

    very interesting on the history of Real Estate

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    It was very informative.
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  16. Judy Chapin

    Important to know the Preamble and Code have evolved over the years to keep up with our changing world.

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    Very interesting and informative too.

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    Interesting history. Enjoyed

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