New and Updated in the Library – February 2013

Several Field Guides have been updated in the past month:

American Home Week
American Home Week turns 58 in 2013 and will be celebrated locally April 7-13, 2013. This page includes historical information about American Home Week and more.

Appraisal of Real Estate Offices & Selling Your Book of Business
Whether you own a real estate firm or are thinking of buying or selling one, it’s important to know what the business is worth. The following articles and studies can provide some insight into determining the value of a real estate firm and its assets.

Cell Phone Towers
Cell phone towers may bring extra tax revenue, greater reception, and security to a city or town. Despite these benefits, many remain skeptical of towers due to potential health risks, environmental aesthetics, and the impact on property values.

China Real Estate
China has a growing interest in real estate, both in China and in the United States. Wealthy Chinese buyers are investing in bricks and mortar. In this NEW Field Guide, you will find Chinese-language real estate listings, current articles about real estate in China, Chinese buyers in the U.S., books, websites and upcoming property events.

Feng Shui and Vaastu
Feng Shui (meaning Wind and Water in Chinese) is the ancient art of placement to promote harmony, wealth, success and health. A working knowledge of Feng Shui can help when buying or selling a home in today’s multicultural world. Vaastu is an ancient Indian system of harnessing the positive energy of the environment to benefit those living there. Vaastu uses a complex, 3-layer grid system to provide the best layout for a home, office or commercial site. An ideal house, according to Vaastu, is perfectly square with a central courtyard. Get more information on these ancient arts and their role in real estate with the articles, books and websites gathered here.

Home Inspections
Home inspections are a critical part of the home buying and selling process. Knowledge in the field of property inspection has become invaluable, especially in light of stricter legislation on both a state and national level. The following information sources will assist you and in turn, your clients, in understanding home inspections, the home inspection process and working with home inspectors. You will also uncover valuable tips on the importance of a home inspection and helpful links to a variety of professional home inspection organizations and useful information available to you from the National Association.

Marijuana Grow Houses
Nice home, privacy fence, oversized a/c unit are normal attributes of many upscale communities. Who would expect that behind closed doors there might be mold, electrical hazards, structural damage, pesticides and other dangers.
In 2011, over 800 grow houses were seized in Florida alone according to the DEA, but the epidemic does not only impact the state of Florida. Marijuana grow houses are popping up in big cities and small towns, wealthy and low-income neighborhoods across the country—the problem is no longer limited to California and Florida. Home buyers and sellers, landlords and agents, neighbors and community leaders alike can learn how to spot, fix, and understand the impact of marijuana grow houses in this updated field guide.

Preparing and Staging a House for Sale
Banish the clutter! Trim the bushes! Hide your Star Wars collection! Take down the family pictures! What can you do to prepare a house for sale? Here are tips, hints, thoughts and ideas for sprucing up, cleaning out, decorating, staging, creating a great first impression and making a house appealing to buyers.

QR Codes
Have you started to notice black and white squares on advertising, in magazines, on business cards or on yard signs? Created in Japan in 1994, Best Buy, Ralph Lauren, and movie advertising are using QR codes to connect with customers. Find out how to generate a QR Code, download the QR Code on your smartphone and then read the information. In this Updated Field Guide, learn about QR (Quick Response) codes, why they are a new form of mobile advertising, and how they can be used to market and sell real estate.

Researching a Home’s History
Ever wonder who lived in your home before you? Would you know how to find out? If your home is a landmark or if it housed a famous resident you may already know its history. Others require more effort and research. This field guide will get you started and also provide information on architectural styles of homes in the United States.

Also recently updated:

New eBooks in the Library
What’s new in the Information Central eBook collection? This month our featured eBook section is Sales Tips from the Pros.  You’ll also find some of the following new titles in our “just added” section on the eBook home page: Full Voice, The Art and Practice of Vocal Presence, Can I Have Your Attention?, Idea Agent, The Power of Habit and many more. Interested in borrowing any of these titles from the eBook collection?  Simply click on the title to make your request right over the web.

New Books in the Library
What’s new in the Information Central library collection? This month you’ll find books on Identifying American Architecture, The Signal and the Noise, 2013 Swanepoel Trends Report, Operating Ratio Report and many more. Interested in borrowing any of these titles from the library? Simply click on the title to make your request right over the web!


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