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Content marketing success, interest-only mortgages, and the 5 laws of twitter

The New York Times had an interesting article this week on content marketing (also covered by 1000watt blog), interviewing a fiberglass pool maker who turned his business around by simply answering his customers’ questions honestly on his blog. With a little SEO optimization, he became the go-to source for information on his industry and his sales took off. It’s a good article on the dos and don’ts of marketing through blogs and websites.

Thought the financial downturn spelled the end of the interest-only mortgage? Think again. The Wall Street Journal reports that interest-only mortgages make up about 14% of all private mortgages (i.e. not sold to Fannie or Freddie) originated in the first 10 months of last year according to some sources. Mostly limited to the super-wealthy and jumbo mortgage markets, they are not as easy to come by as they were before the crash – and still pose some serious risks.

Chicago Agent Magazine discusses the five “laws” of Twitter.  Be #sure you #don’t #break #them!

We all watch too much television—The Food Network,  The Golf Channel, Animal Planet, The History Channel, to name a few.  Why not get something from that time spent?  Viggle can help you. This free app identifies the show you are watching, lets you check in and build up points to earn a Starbucks card or an Amazon gift card.  I’m going to download this right now and see what happens!

The biggest mobile telecom trade show just wrapped up in Barcelona. What new gadgets will we see on the market in the coming year?

First it was smart phones, then tablet computers, and now windows 8 pcs allow for touch screens. Why not in Macs? Are they coming anytime soon? Slate looks at the question of whether a touch-screen enabled MacBook is coming and says: “Don’t hold your breath…”


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