Conversion Ratios and Cold-Calling

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  1. My coaching clients who are at “Performance Level” can usually convert 50 contacts a week into 3-5 qualified appointments. A lot of skill building and coaching has to be accomplished before effective lead generation can take place. When coaching my clients, I focus on personality style coaching, level shifting & future pacing, effective conversational dialoque for agents to use and efficient follow up systems. Sprinkle in a lot of accountability and success follows!

  2. Kate

    Really good information, Angela, thanks for sharing! Speaking from experience, cold calling is very challenging, so it is brlliant that you do a lot of coaching and personality style coaching–I bet your ROI is much higher as a result.

  3. Thank you! This helps re figure my funnel.

  4. Shellyc

    This made me look more closely at my figures. So after making 265 contacts in 18 weeks part time 3 days a week. 165 of those contacts wanted quotes. 28 of those quotes placed orders. so thats a conversion rate of 16%…so is that good?

  5. Carlos

    Those numbers seem a bit inflated to me… I’ve been in sales for over 15 years and the average conversion rate is about 2% not 8%… assuming you pitch a very targeted market that 2% can turn into about 3% and a market with very low relevance is more about 1.4%

    In fact these numbers are pretty much unchanged across most markets, 20% is the conversion rate if you already have a lead. These numbers don’t change enough with testing your colors, language, time of day etc. for a small business to make much impact (the cost of testing far outweighs the profit) but is much worth it at a much higher level if you are a mid sized to large company!