Do artificial lawns impact home values?

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  1. This is very interesting and something i have not come across in the UK housing market, well not the lower to medium side of things.
    The only thing i remember that was similar, was a report about artificial football (soccer) pitches vs grass playing pitches. Plastic pitches never caught on.

  2. I’ve been playing on an astroturf (artificial grass) when I play football at school and use Nike Mercurials with artificial grass studs to play in. One of my friends asked me if I wanted to join his team, but they play on grass, can I use my Artificial grass boots or will I have to get different boots?

  3. For me of course yes. Because they enhanced your property looks.

  4. CalvertHughes

    Yes definitely in my opinion, its effect but positive way because that give better outer-look than before.

  5. It is true that there are many pros and cons to synthetic grass, ultimately is so much easier to look after compared to grass and it really does make your garden look beautifully green all year round.

  6. Artificial grass is a lot more popular that it used to be. I install it for a living and the realism and quality of the turf is remarkable, so many of our customers say the same thing that people don’t realise it’s synthetic until they get down and inspect it at close range. See examples on the website or Facebook:

  7. Yeah it dose make alot of difference.speclialy if one is housing in area where natural grass dont remain green all seasons

  8. Great points, artificial grass does have a lot of advantages to it. It is great to have a lush green lawn all year round and you can even put in inside!

  9. Artificial grass and plants is much better then natural grass.

  10. Synthetic grass is similar to the natural grass. It need low maintenance with compare to natural grass. 🙂