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Worst charities, packing a suit, and a royal baby bump (to the economy)

It’s time for summer charity walks, runs, bike races, you name it. But not all charities are as equal. Sadly some are little more than slush funds for their managers. The Tampa Bay Times recently took a look at the problems with the business and came up with the list of the 50 worst charities. If you recognize any of these names you might want to reconsider your donation.

Boston demonstrated the Economics 101 concept of “supply and demand” with a recent $560,000 sale of a tandem parking spot. Does the parking spot come with a mechanic and valet, we wonder?

Packing a suit for a business trip can be a challenge. I generally spend my first night on a trip behind an ironing board making sure I’m presentable for the rest of a trip. Business Insider has a video on how to pack a suit correctly (though I wish the closeups weren’t so extreme). Other people suggest rolling it all like a burrito and I’ve heard the best thing is to just wear your suit on the plane. Do you guys have any tricks?

The Seattle Public Library recently broke the world record for a domino chain made out of old books.

Google Glasses are still the greatest invention that I’ve never seen. While the wearable screens won’t be on the market until next year, people are already beta testing. A big supporter, tech investor, Marc Andreessen, is a fan, saying that at some point we’ll feel naked without a pair. Of course he’s looking for google glass apps to invest in.

What makes you an adult?  Getting married, buying a house, having kids? Not necessarily for Millennials, says The Wall Street Journal. Millennials say they feel like an adult when they have bought their own health insurance, establishing a career and paying off student loans. Instead, topping their list of adult milestones are more amorphous goals such as “accepting responsibility for yourself” and “making your own decisions” about, say, what car to buy or whether to take a job in a different city.

Royal baby to give almost $400 million bump to British economy

Lost your keys, your pet or your remote? Place a Sticknfind tracking device on your items (before you lose them) and find them with your phone. The Radar Screen displays all your devices that have been tagged within range.You can tap the Sticker on the radar screen and decide if you would like it to Buzz, Flash the Lights or do both. Note: the radar Screen can only be used to approximate the distance of the Stick-N-Find to your phone, but not direction.

In the annals of keepin’ it klassy: Spirit Airlines to serve wine in a can.


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