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Latest SCOTUS property rights case, Vegas is back, and creative ways to stand out from the crowd

The Supreme Court handed down a decision Tuesday morning that’s gotten considerably less attention than this term’s blockbuster battles over same-sex marriage and voting rights. But Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District will likely prove a historic property-rights ruling, with far-reaching implications for the leverage local land-use agencies may use to extract concessions from property owners and developers for the common and environmental good.

‘Don’t bet against the house’ as the saying in Vegas goes. That holds true for Vegas real estate too apparently. High-paying investors have helped Las Vegas’ real estate prices to bloom in a place that once ranked as the country’s foreclosure capital.

You expect your real estate agent to be knowledgeable, friendly and possess business expertise.  Do you also want to go hang gliding with them? It’s certainly one way to distinguish yourself among many real estate agents.  Some agents exercise with their clients, some go turkey hunting, play beer pong or take their customers to Costco to stock up on home supplies. “You see each other as real people, not as ‘you work for me,’ ”  . . . “And I don’t see you as dollar signs.”

With tongue in cheek, NPR shares some tips on sounding like an expert at a wine tasting.


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