The Code of Ethics’ North-of-the-Border Connection

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  1. Deborah Fazio


  2. Deborah Fazio

    Learning experience

  3. Martha Clines

    Interestering comment about men only on comment above. I’m sure its only because women were not selling real estate back in 1913. Maybe that is not true. We are here now!! Love the old poster and that we used to be referred to as “Real Estate Exchange”

  4. Carol Martin

    I don’t mind being called a man as long as I count. Men and woman are all important in the field of property sales and respected know matter what our gender.

  5. Carol Martin

    Very informative. Thank you

  6. Carol Martin

    Just great to know

  7. Juanita Thompson

    The NAR History proves that our profession should be taken more seriously and specifically, that we should treat it accordingly.

  8. Interesting, as well as sad, information pertaining to the Titanic and Canadian losses.

  9. Jerry Owen

    Interesting story concerning the formative years of the National Association and the inclusion of all of North America.

  10. Very intersinting!

  11. I thought it was interesting.

  12. I have no more to say.

  13. It is nice to know some of the background.

  14. Next please!

  15. Diane Masaitis

    The origin of Realtors is important to know. Thank you.

  16. Sherry Adams

    great to learn this!

  17. Elen

    Very interesting!!!

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  19. Kari Pollock

    Very interesting Canada was a part of the beginning foundation and left.

  20. Janine Bay Teske

    Interesting history.

  21. Susan Burton

    very interesting….

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  23. Linda Hyers

    Very interesting

  24. Linda Hyers

    Good info

  25. Linda Hyers

    Glad to know start up group. Loved that it was held in Louisville Ky

  26. Joseph Bechaz Jr.

    great coarse

  27. Lexie Vasquez

    Great Article – Love history

  28. Tami Maloney

    I found it very interesting that the 1913 convention was held in Winnipeg in honor of the three Realtors that were passengers aboard the Titanic. Thank you for the informative article.

  29. Pauline

    This was very interesting to read and now know the beginning.

  30. This is interesting as I have held both a Canadian License and a US License in my real Estate Career.

  31. wagner ferreira

    really nice story

  32. Very informative .

  33. Interesting to say the least.

  34. very interesting indeed.

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  36. James Johnson

    two countries have long held similar values

  37. James Johnson

    very interesting

  38. Shirley C Gray

    Interesting information.

  39. I enjoyed learning the history of how NAR, in its current form, and the Code of Ethics came to be. It’s touching that the location of the 1913 convention honored REALTORs lost on the Titanic.

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    Good information.

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    very interesting

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    Very interesting information

    Thank you,

  43. Great to know some history about what we do for a living and how it has changed.

  44. History is to be honored.

  45. Thank you for sharing important history.

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  47. Kind of like choosing which state the Olympics would be in. Interesting how things changed.

  48. Interesting article

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