What We’re Reading: July 13 – July 19

PowerPoint Tips from a Pro, Contingency Planning, and Branding Brilliance

Image by Flickr user Johan (CC license)

Image by Flickr user Johan (CC license)

Do you put together presentations for your work? And, do you use PowerPoint? Jesse Desjardins shares a blunt (read: some offensive language) and informative presentation 5 Ways to  Not Suck at PowerPoint. Desjardins asserts that “an outstanding 1 hour presentation can take 30 hours or more of prep time” (see slide #47).

The thought of contingency planning may feel macabre for some, yet it is wise to dedicate some thought to future unforeseen circumstances. Time magazine provides details on accessing a deceased loved one’s online accounts.

At times marketing can feel arbitrary and lacking in evidence-based solutions. However, sometimes marketing professionals (and graphic artists) hit the nail on the head. Check out Business Insider’s article displaying 15 corporate logos and their clever “subliminal” messaging. On that note, some feel Wendy’s logo, too, exhibits subliminal messaging.

For much of the North America this week, the temperatures are rising. Be sure to keep cool, wear sunscreen, and drink lots of water! Find more tips on managing the heat from the Red Cross here. In this weather it may feel a challenge to keep on task: PayScale offers this great infographic 12 Tips on Staying Inspired.

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