What We’re Reading – July 27 – Aug 2

Million-dollar Agent, are you ready for your close up? The public can’t get enough of you, but some firms say ‘no thanks’.

Can realty TV make you a real estate star? It has happened to some agents on Bravo and HGTV.  Some agents crave the attention, some are embarrassed, and some companies forbid their agents to appear on those reality shows. But demand seems to be growing, with new shows launching each season. These shows can lead to agents opening their own firms, side businesses such as selling fragranced candles, and move them up in the real estate world. Would you go to a casting call?

Learn how to make money from your old cell phone. According to The Wall Street Journal, you may be able to get $130  dollars through a company like Gazelle. Phone carriers have a trade in service, charging a fee.

Marketing and advertising necessitates constant reinvention. While some brands remain classic and unchanging, the vast majority go through periodic refreshes touting ‘new and improved’. Time recently looked at how a few familiar brands are refreshing themselves to appeal to finicky Millennials. Soup in a pouch, cheaper luxury model cars, and an embrace of social media all have rolls.

The Wall Street Journal also came out with an interactive wireless plan chooser. I think it’s too basic, limiting the variables to phone minutes, pay-as-you-go or unlimited texts, and data, but it may give you some ideas.

While most dog owners will recognize their pet’s wagging tail as a sign of joy, they may also want to pay more attention to their animal’s face the next time they walk in through the front door.


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