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Harry Potter real estate, Roast Duck Shanghai-style, and Texting
If country living is your thing, we have the perfect piece of Harry Potter real estate for you to check out–Ron Weasley’s home. How much could the Weasleys make if they put their Devon house on the market? A whole lot of galleons.

People in Hong Kong loved Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman’s floating Rubber Duck when it arrived in town last May. It seems, however, Shanghai was a bit envious, so they made their own…but well, made it partially roasted. Most of the city was not amused. Click through to the story for a finger-licking picture of the boat.

New research shows expansive posture and larger workspaces promote power but may lead to cheating.

Do you resist making phone calls?  Is texting the only way you communicate these days?  For millennials, the answer is yes.  They are so phone-shy that phone consultants are brought in to explain how and why to use the phones, including an explanation of the dial tone.  Personal conversation is still important to create rapport and avoid text communications.

And speaking of texting: Sleep walking, sleep eating, and now Sleep texting, really? Sleep experts are now reporting texting while sleeping is an “alarming trend”.  Sleepy people are texting inappropriate messages, losing needed sleep and waking up exhausted.  Just turn off your phone and get some restful and restorative sleep!

National Dog Day was earlier this week (didn’t you know?). So of course there’s a collection of funny dog pics and gifs.

This sounds like a great idea for a horror movie: One million cockroaches escape from a farm in China, spreading out through the countryside. YIKES!


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