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In-your-face rental signs, iPhone 5s next week, and flu shot season

How effective are your for sale or for rent signs really? German artist and self-described inventor of useless things, Niklas Roy, makes sure you notice the for rent sign in the shop window by having it follow you as you pass by. Part of an arts festival in Sherbrooke, Quebec, the sign was hooked up to a motion-tracking devise that moved the sign along a line as people walked by. However, as a real estate ploy the device was a bit of a flop. As the sign was always in your face, potential renters couldn’t get a good look at the interior of the shop. And secondly the phone number on the sign was actually to the art gallery that commissioned the piece. Follow the hyperlink to a video of the sign in action.

Happy Birthday, Bob Newhart! You might not know this, but the fictional building where Dr. Bob Harley had his psychologist’s office was really the NAR building in Chicago. At the time we were located elsewhere in the city but moved here before the show ended.

Apple is due to launch its iPhone 5s next week. For the latest rumors and what to expect (this one has leaked a lot more than in the past) here’s an iPhone 5s rumor wrap-up.

Wondering where to start on Pinterest, the image sharing site? Time has a list of 30 pinners to follow.

Seems like smart watches are the latest thing these days. So of course Samsung has decided to enter the game, debuting a watch with all the bells and whistles – camera, music, storage, microphone, and of course linking with other Samsung tablets and phones. Reviewers however seem less that keen on the price, the short battery life, required charger stand, and limited number of other Samsung devices it will work with. Back to the drawing board until Apple designs the category-killer.

It’s almost flu shot season. Picking up a prescription the other day, the pharmacist asked if I wanted a shot then and there. You might notice this year that the choices are increasing – 3-strain, 4-strain, egg-free, nasal spray, etc. Time goes through each flu shot option and spells out the pros and cons.


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