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Editing Facebook posts, Google is 15, Banned Book Week

Have you ever finished a status update to Facebook only to notice a typo or – even better – a ridiculous auto-correct from your ‘smart’ phone? Never fear! Facebook just announced you now have the ability to edit your posts even after they’ve gone up. Viewers will still be able to see the original boo-boo if they care to dig a bit, but for one I’m thankful! Now available for Android and the web, coming soon to iOS (Apple).

Google is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Want to see how it looked back in the beginning? Go to www.google.com and type ‘google in 1998’ in the search box.

This is Banned Book Week, a celebration(?) of works deemed inappropriate in some way. Time looks at some of the more silly bans. Read any good banned books recently?

iOS7 is a week or so old and the complaints keep coming. If you need a good grumble here are 11 complaints about iOS7. Still not upgraded? Want to do a bit more comparing of iOS6 vs iOS7? Business Insider gives you 23 side-by-side comparisons of the two versionsForbes offers 15 tips to make the changeover easier.

Social media and computer culture has appropriated lots of old typewriter symbols for their own use. Learn about the history of #, @, and other symbols.

Wondering about how the Affordable Care Act AKA Obamacare will impact you? Good Morning America via Yahoo! has some good info on Heath Insurance Exchanges. And Inman suggests looking at NAR’s Health Insurance Marketplace after Oct. 1 to compare rates with your state exchange.

Do you ever browse through Google Streetview on Google Earth or via Google Maps? Seems like lots of people do, finding most everything. A story this week was sweet when a man found a picture of his late grandmother sitting on her front stoop reading the paper in the sun. You could even see the leaves that he’d raked earlier that day and bagged in her driveway.


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