What We’re Reading: Oct. 5 – Oct. 11

Rising housing prices lead to thinner waistlines and why do we eat popcorn at the movies?

A recent study in the American Journal of Public Health (available to members through ProQuest) studied the impact of improving housing wealth on the well-being of owners. The results:

Respondents living in communities in which home values appreciated more rapidly had fewer functional limitations, performed better on interviewer-administered physical tasks, and had smaller waist circumference. Our results indicate that increases in housing wealth were associated with better health outcomes for homeowners in late middle age and older.

NPR looks at how the shutdown has impacted the housing market. So far not so much, but soon things could start going bad.

The shutdown has closed lots of websites, but not Smithsonian Magazine’s. There was an interesting post this week about why popcorn became a movie snack.

You finally got your mitts on a new iPhone 5!  You want to sell your old phone, but how do you wipe out all your data?  Lifehacker explains how.

You might have noticed Starbucks’ new line of pastries, but did you know they’re also moving into tea and fresh juice? It’s all a plan to branch out from the morning-only crowd. Starbucks also makes the news this week for their petition to the US Government.

This seems to be the video of the week: telekinesis in the coffee shop. Too bad it’s just a commercial tie-in for a new movie.

According to a study released by app maker Locket, the average person unlocks his or her phone 110 times each day.


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