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We’ve just added a new section to the library page at realtor.orgBusiness Letter Templates. Here you will find the start of our new collection of FREE letter templates that members can use along with some links to books in the library collection and a book for purchase in the REALTOR Store. We have simple MS Word document templates for:

  • Asking for Referrals
  • Changing Real Estate Firms
  • Checking In, Expired Listings
  • For-sale-by-owner prospecting
  • Neighborhood Farming/prospecting
  • New Business Announcement
  • Office Move

These can be used as idea generators and as a place to start. As the starred legalese says at the bottom of the page as well as inside the templates:

These documents are provided as samples and do not constitute legal advice. Members should modify these documents to address their specific needs and verify all information provided to ensure its accuracy and compliance with applicable law.

Have an idea for another letter template? Let us know and we’ll give it a shot.

Are your mail merge skills a bit rusty? There are tons of YouTube how-tos on the subject. Here’s a nice one for MS Word 2010.


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  1. Those business letter templates sure are a big help to anyone who needs to write to any business establishment or group regarding a concern. I’m adopting the new business template. It smacks right into new development regarding my entrepreneurial venture. Thanks.