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iPad Air, Mood Maps, and Dog Poop DNA testing

Apple unveiled its latest version of a tablet computer this week, the iPad Air. On sale Nov. 1, it’s thinner, lighter, and faster than it’s predecessor. Apple continues the tradition of keeping prices the same – starting at $499. Is it worth the upgrade? I’m using an iPad vers 1, so for me it definitely is worth it.

Do you sometimes feel you don’t fit in your community? Everyone’s rushing and you’re going slow enjoying the scenery? Or are there too many hippies running coffee shops on every corner? Take a look at America’s Mood Map. Answer a few questions and it will tell you which state is closest to your personality. Maybe it’s time to relocate? I’m supposed to go to Washington DC…hope I can afford it!

Nothing can ruin a morning like finding a fresh pile of some anonymous dog’s waste in your yard. Now some home owner associations are fighting back. They are requiring all pets in their community to have a dog DNA test taken so the culprit can be found and the owner fined.  First offenses carry a $250 penalty and go up from there.

With the return of cheap energy, you might think America’s love affair with wind power might be on the wane. However, projects across the country are still being built. Wind energy accounts for the largest share of new capacity in the last year – over 13 gigawatts. One project that has been battling to open for years is Cape Wind, a wind farm off Cape Cod in Massachusetts. The New York Times had an article this week on the dueling personalities fighting for and against it.

It’s almost a right of passage for high school juniors and seniors – the college scouting trip. Google (and the bad economy) is helping to make these a thing of the past. Time has an article on why the rise of online interviews and tours is good and bad news for college applicants.

Wasting time, courtesy of Google software engineers.  Find out the hidden jokes, the Swedish Chef language interface, how to do a barrel roll and much more, here.

Sexy Big Bird?! When did girl’s halloween costumes get so ridiculous?!


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