What We’re Reading: Oct. 26 – Nov. 1

Mortgage Fraud, Global Ghosts, Rent-a-Chicken, and other things that go ‘bump’ in the night

Mortgage application fraud subsided a bit in the second quarter, but a new area of concern popped up with more lenders worried about origination fraud as homeowners struggled to acquire homes in a tighter, more stringent origination environment.

Goldman Sachs analysts spotlighted some of the world’s fast accelerating housing markets this week, in a bid to try to sniff out potential for problems in the making. Here are five markets around the world that are bubblicious, including our neighbor the the north, Canada.

You know about ghosts and vampires, but how about Skondhokatas, headless victims of train accidents in India? Or Jiang Shi, the hopping ghosts of China? The Atlantic has a fun article on spooks from around the world.

The short winter days are upon us. Chicago is enveloped in a blanket of darkness by 6pm these days. Winter does not have to be all that dark, though. The citizens of Rjukan, Norway took action against the winter darkness in a bizarre, yet clever contraption.

REALTORS® know better than anyone that timeliness is the ticket to successful client relationships. Though Greg Savage’s post on timeliness is a couple years old, it resurfaced this week and is a great reminder about the impact of chronic lateness.

Fall is also the start of cold and flu season. Watch out for these germ-infested places.

The Better Business Bureau warns computer hackers are creating phony Affordable Care Act websites and asking for consumers’ personal information, such as Social Security and bank account numbers. Be careful!

Interested in the local food movement but unwilling to commit to a chicken coop full-time? Try Rent a Chicken for a season. They deliver hens in their egg-laying prime. Of course it can be more expensive than just doing it yourself, but hey, if after a season you decide chickens aren’t your thing, they take the whole menagerie away.

Top Halloween costumes this year include Minions and Miley. Glad I saw neither last night at the parade.

Just when we thought society’s cat obsession had gone too far, someone declared Tuesday, October 29th as “National Cat Day” and created a kitten delivery service. What is this world coming to? That said, be sure mark your calendar for the more distinguished “National Dog Day” on August 26th.


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