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One of our most frequent calls from members on using the REALTOR® Content Resource (RCR®) is how to share articles on a Facebook Page rather than your personal profile. If you simply follow the steps as outlined, you aren’t given the option of choosing where to share. This is a limitation from Facebook’s side of the fence unfortunately. However, there are a few work-arounds to share articles to your business page.

1. Once signed in to RCR® and you find an article you would like to share, simply click on the articles title. This should bring the full article up in a new window. In the upper right corner there is a ‘quickshare’ with links to Facebook, Twitter and email. Click on the Facebook icon. Another window should open in your browser. In here you can select where you want to share this article – on your own wall, a friend’s wall, a group, or (most importantly) a page that you manage.

2. Option two is to go thru the standard steps to select an article, chose how to share it and then share it on your own personal Facebook profile. As you’re doing this you can select who can see this post. I would suggestion using the custom filter and making it visible only to yourself. Then once it’s on your wall you can then share it from there over to your business page and then delete it from your personal wall. It’s a few more steps, but this way you will see exactly how the article will look on your wall before sharing it over.

3. If you’d rather not deal with any of that, you can always go directly to and find the article there, copy the URL from the address bar and paste it into a post just like you would with any other article you come across online.

I’ve made a quick 6 minute video that demos all of this.  Hope this is helpful!


Senior Information Specialist

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  1. So when I post to my personal page (showing to me only) that’s great but when I then share to my biz page it does not show – I have to log on to fb as biz page and then it shares to biz page. Had this problem for a while not being able to share from personal to biz page – I get the drop down menu and can select the page (have several pages that I can administrate on ) but it doesn’t show, what am I missing here?

  2. Dave

    Not sure, Jeannette. Do you have a separate login for the business page than your personal? I just have my one dummy page and when I share it goes over right away. Do you have this issue with sharing other things from your personal page? Anyway, option #1 might be the best – quicksharing via clicking on the title.