What We’re Reading: Nov. 2 – Nov. 8, 2013

‘Stache advice, no fail-whale for Twitter’s IPO, and two time zones in mainland US?

United Airlines is the latest carrier to revise its Personal Electronic Devices (PED) policy to allow gate-to-gate use. Customers still must stow their laptops for takeoff and landing because of their weight and you still can’t make calls.

Are you or a man in your life participating in Movember, the month-long charity event in which men will attempt to grow mustaches while raising money for men’s health causes like testicular and prostate cancers? Time gets the tips on how to grow the best ‘stache you can.

Twitter’s IPO seems to have been a success, finishing its first day well above its offer price. Of course the company still doesn’t make a profit. Time looks back on some key moments in the history of Twitter.

Amazon is launching a new program for Kindle users to get select titles a month before the physical books are available.

Worried about putting all your data on the Obamacare website? You’d think it would be a hacker’s dream hit. While the site has more than its share of problems, identity theft apparently isn’t one of them. CNN says don’t worry.

Google can provide extra search help for you—for a price. Google Helpouts video chats can help you with a research request about computers, fashion and many other topics—from a few minutes to several hours.  Alternatively, contact one of Information Central’s Librarians and we can help you with real estate research questions by phone, email, instant message, live chat, Twitter or Skype, at no charge!

Have you recovered from the end of Daylight Savings Time yet?  I haven’t.  An economist proposes that the US should drop Daylight Savings Time and further, just have two time zones—Eastern and Western. Kind of radical, but it makes some sense.


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