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I’m sure many REALTORS are excited by the proposed relaxing of rules on in-flight calls. The FCC is considering lifting the ban on in-flight mobile phone calls. Of course as you’re be at least 5 miles above the nearest cell tower this is all going to be funneled through some portal that the airlines can then charge a fee to use. But just because the FCC allows it, will the airlines go along? Most say they’re studying it and will see. Lots of people value the disconnect that air travel brings. Visions of being trapped next to an obnoxious loud talker make many people hope airlines will at least consider keeping the ban in place. Only time will tell.

You’ve got your game plan for Black Friday—the alarm is set for 5am, coffee maker is plugged in and the car is gassed up and ready to go.  Learn what NOT to buy on Black Friday and avoid wasting your time and money. Of course, according to this article in the Wall Street Journal, all Black Friday deals are an illusion anyway.


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