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Googling yourself, why aren’t you relocating, and gift ideas for the internet set

If you Googled yourself, would you be surprised or sure of the results? Your prospective clients will Google you, so find out what they see. Make sure your profiles are updated on the various real estate websites and social media sites and recheck the search results in 30 days as a follow-up.

The New York Times had an interesting article in last Sunday’s magazine on the declining mobility of Americans. We used to move at the drop of a hat, but in recent decades that trend has stalled. Even immigrants to the US are settling more and more frequently in the first place they reach. According to the author this trend comes from several factors: a decline in manufacturing and rise in service industries, a more homogeneous nation, access to information, the high cost of living in the nation’s top tier markets, and a sluggish economy.

Still working on the Christmas shopping? Time give 13 gifts for people who spend way too much time online. I think I’m getting my nephew the What Does the Fox Say book. He loves the song. Oh no! It’s out of stock!

Christmas Day is Wednesday, Dec. 25, but Apple is giving gifts for the whole 12 Days of Christmas. Download the app to see what goodies (or junk) Apple is giving away each day! And at that price, who cares?

It may be the holiday season full of cheer and goodwill, but it’s also the end of another tax year. Are your year-end financials in order? Time presents several tax moves you might want to make before the end of 2013.

And finally, don’t let the holidays stress you out. Cause you’re probably giving your friends and family secondhand stress. And you wouldn’t want that.


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  1. Googling yourself has got to be one of the better options in knowing if you’re reaching your audience. I guess you see how you fare in the industry and at the same time, you know if someone else is talking about you…which is always good.