What We’re Reading: Dec. 14 – Dec. 20

A humorous art installation, what’s blocking Bertha, and Santa’s chimney dilemma

Sometimes, multitasking is not a good idea. While walking along a pier and checking Facebook, a woman walked off the pier and fell into the water.  Police officers rescued the woman and she was then hospitalized.  More examples here. Eyes up, people and stay safe!

The web-o-sphere was abuzz this week over Minnesota artist Phil Jones and his Faces of Real Estate project. Phil took local REALTOR ads that appear on benches and covered them with his own image – dressed like the original. With all the free publicity, the agents don’t seem to mind. One even said she was thinking of asking Phil to stand in for her husband on the family Christmas card.

In Seattle, they’re digging a giant tunnel to move traffic off the waterfront. Suddenly the world’s largest boring machine hits something blocking its way. What could it be? Only a giant rock or something more interesting from the Klondike Goldrush days? Engineers should have a better idea by this weekend.

Toys have changed a lot over the years. CNN has a nice slideshow to help you compare how far marketing and packaging have come.

Trulia tackles the question of where you’ll most likely find Santa sliding down a chimney rather than having to break in some other way. New homes even if they have fireplaces, don’t always have chimneys.

AirBnB, the room/house sharing site, created an ad that’s pretty cool. Artists designed birdhouses based on actual AirBnB locations you can rent and then hung them in New Orleans. Nice video and pretty creative ad on what makes a home a home.


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  1. This is so interesting. I read the news about the woman walking over the pier, and even though it’s a small tragedy, i couldn’t stop but to be amused. This is so going to happen anyone who is not going to keep their eyes on the road and spend too much time on their screen, looking for blogs, property listings, online shopping… games 😐