What We’re Reading: Jan. 11 – Jan. 17

Security in the Digital Age, Parlor Tricks, and Young Ambition

Did you get caught up in the Target security breach last month? I know I did and it wasn’t fun. It’s certainly changing the way I shop at stores. Target is offering its affected clients the option to sign up for added credit monitoring for a year for free. On the topic of commerce security, the Better Business Bureau shares the Top 10 Scams of 2013.

Opening a corked wine bottle without a corkscrew seems to be the meme of the moment. I want to try this but don’t know if I should be banging on my dining room wall with my shoes.

Here’s an inspirational real estate story from Down Under. Alex Pattaro, 17, completed his first sale of a $1.3 million dollar house in Sydney, Australia.  He left school, got his real estate training and embarked on a property career.  He hopes to become an auctioneer in the future.  Way to go, Alex!

And, kicking off our reading list this year is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and The Snow Child by Eoywn Ivey. Both books offer a great escape into a world of magical realism. Through rich, dream-like imagery, they weave alluring stories of romance, family, and mysticism.


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  1. Stories like Alex is not unheard of. One of the Ace realtor in my area was from very humble background and nothing spectacular about his education. He has more than just a thousand realtor him in a span of just 7-8 years. impressive.