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The latest fetish, drone marketing, and why thieves are hot for laundry detergent

For much of the country, this has been quite the winter. Is it really that bad or are we just fetishizing the weather? The Wall Street Journal had an article this week about our latest obsession that says social media and mass media are playing larger roles in our view on what’s going on outside. The Weather Channel’s winter storm names, polar vortices, and #coldselfies are all examples. Maybe we just don’t want to deal with all the rest of what’s bad out there.

One bright side to all this cold weather, it helps you burn fat. Of course all that is counter-balanced by an increase in macaroni and cheese consumption, but whatever…

A new idea in marketing high end homes – drone videos. Interestingly, according to the article use of drones for commercial purposes is still technically illegal. So before you jump on board, be aware of the risks.

The Sochi Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony is tonight. What’s in store?

Over on FlowingData, Nathan Yau pulled public data from the tracking site RunKeeper.com to map out the common running routes of twenty major cities. The results are neat to look at, but it’s also interesting to see the park systems, waterways, and urban grids of these cities come to come life.

Looking to make home ownership more affordable option? Artist Terri Chiao devised a creative solution: mini-homes within the home. Looks like a great option for those living in small spaces.

How many of Amazon’s Top 100 books have you read?

Everyone knows thieves target jewelry, smartphones, laptops, and – duh – money, but laundry detergent? Tide is in hot demand. It’s everywhere, relatively expensive, everyone needs it, and hard to trace. Perfect. Take a look at some other unusual items thieves love to steal.

Looking for some cat interaction, but don’t want the bother of full-time cat ownership? San Francisco serves up exactly what you’re looking for: cat cafes.


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