What We’re Reading: Feb. 8 – Feb. 14

1Q2014 sales expectations, unplugging, cold weather strategies and a bacon rose says ‘I love you’

How’re you first quarter of the year sales turning out? According to data from DQNews presented in HousingWire the answer more often than not is ‘weak’.

Overconnected? Maybe it’s time for a tech break, even just for a day. Luckily The National Day of Unplugging is just a few short weeks away. Put down your phone, ipad and kindle from sundown March 7 to sundown March 8 to catch up on your non-digital life.

How fast of a reader are you? Staples has a nice website that will measure your reading speed and let you know how you compare based on education. It will also let you know how long it will take to read various books and how many you might be able to consume between charging your eReader. Apparently I can get through War and Peace in under 22 hours!

Where can you find the most international students in college? It’s not the Ivy League. According to US News, the top three schools with the most overseas students as a percentage of population are the New School in NYC, the Florida Institute of Technology, and the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Cold weather getting you down? Want to just crawl back into bed in the morning. The cure for this ‘morning peevishness‘ might just be a trip to the curb to pick up the morning paper. There’s nothing quite like a blast of cold air (or cold water) to clear the cobwebs and set the day right. Or so they say…

And from the same blog, what to do if you fall through the ice. Seems like there have been several reports of this in Chicago this winter. Be careful and remember your frozen beard may save you!

Looking to get your sweetie something sweet for Valentines Day? Depending on when you’re reading this, it might already be too late, but Fodor’s rounds up what it considers the best chocolate in the country. I’m not quite sure how See’s Candies made the grade. It’s fine, but hardly one of the best.

Chocolate too traditional? How about bacon roses.


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