What’s new and updated in the library – Feb 2014

The following Field Guides have recently been updated in the Library at Realtor.org:

Agency Disclosure
Managing risk is a necessity for real estate practitioners. According to Barron’s Dictionary of Real Estate Terms, agency disclosure “is a written explanation, to be signed by a prospective buyer or seller, explaining to the client the role that the broker plays in the transaction,” (Barron’s Educational Series, 2000). This Field Guide covers various aspects of agency disclosure, including policies, forms, and legislation. Further your knowledge of this complex topic with our selection of articles.

American Home Week
Originally started as an annual national event in 1956 as a way to promote the benefits of home ownership and the value of using of a REALTOR® in real estate transactions, American Home Week has gone through many changes over the years. Although the National Association is no longer involved in American Home Week, it is traditionally celebrated during the second full week in April (so, April 6-12, 2014).  However, local REALTOR® associations which choose to recognize this event are free to decide on appropriate dates that fit their own schedules.   This page features historical information about American Home Week and related events.

A little competition is a good thing, right? Learn why awareness of antitrust issues is important for real estate professionals, along with information on avoiding antitrust problems. This field guide provides guidance for brokers and associations, articles, and books about this essential legal issue and updates on the Department of Justice case against NAR.

China Real Estate
China has a growing interest in real estate, both in China and in the United States. Wealthy Chinese buyers are investing in bricks and mortar. In this NEW Field Guide, you will find Chinese-language real estate listings, current articles about real estate in China, Chinese buyers in the U.S., books, websites and upcoming property events.

Determining Asking Price
What is the best way to determine the asking price of a house and why is it important? Find out here in this field guide.

IRS Form 990 Reporting Rules for Nonprofits
The Internal Revenue Service has released an updated version of Form 990 for Tax-Exempt Organizations. Get the latest IRS information and find out how this update will affect your organization.

REALTORS® and the Global Marketplace
Many successful real estate professionals have discovered the benefits and values of the world of international real estate. If you are thinking about going global or have already ventured into this arena, this field guide will provide you with tips for locating and working with international clients, etiquette, cross-cultural business guides and international networking opportunities. You will also discover an assortment of international real estate information sources, including a wealth of worldly resources from the REALTOR® organization. Plus, the international eBooks available in the Virtual Library at Realtor®.org are definitely a must-read.

Wind Farms and their Effect on Property Values
Wind power is one of the fastest growing sources of electricity generation. As wind farms spread, local opposition to the massive towers (some over 400 ft tall) is appearing and is beginning to impact state regulation. Residents not only oppose the turbines for aesthetic reasons, they also worry how wind farms will impact property values. This field guide explores the current state of the industry, examines real-estate-related research and its critics, provides wind maps and regulations to give an indication of where future projects might unfold, and gives resources, both critical and supportive, for further study.

Working with International Clients
The topic of international clients garners great interest and attention amongst real estate professionals and news providers these days. The real estate markets in the United States offer lucrative investment opportunities that attract a global audience. How can you capture the attention and interest of these prospective clients? Review the articles, reports, and resources below to learn more about international clients.


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