What We’re Reading: March 1 – March 7

Concealed carry-free open houses, Singapore is the most expensive city, and winter wonders

Realty firms, like other businesses, are grappling with how to handle Illinois’ new concealed carry law. But in an industry whose very foundation involves strangers sitting in agents’ cars and offices and walking through private homes, devising guidelines is proving difficult.

Happy 103rd birthday to the first lady of real estate, Ebby Halliday!

Freakonomics latest podcast looks at the phenomenon of Japan’s disposable housing culture. In Japan, there is virtually no secondary housing market. The country tears down roughly half of its houses in only 38 years. It’s an interesting look at how another culture views housing.

Looking for a new read? Buzzfeed gives you 20 suggestions based on your childhood favorites. Some of them sound great!

With ticket prices expected to top $250k, a suborbital fight aboard Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic or one of its competitors won’t be cheap. But just think of all the money you’ll save now that you can have your second home virtually anywhere on earth and be there in 2 hours or so.

White picket fences are such a cliché.  How about a mirrored fence that reflects its surroundings? It may not be practical, but it sure is beautiful.

In keeping apprised of the political scene in Ukraine, Forbes contributor Greg Satell provides a compelling perspective.

And the title of the World’s Most Expensive City to live in goes to…Singapore.

It looks like winter might finally be on the retreat in the upper Midwest. Still have a case of the winter blahs? Time rounds up 10 things everyone should do to improve your life. I don’t know if all of these are possible daily, but they all sound like good things to me.

Winter has been rough, but at least it’s given us images like this of a frozen Niagara Falls. And I’ve never been ice fishing, but I would be willing to try it in this luxury ice fishing shack. Though it’s hardly a ‘shack’… And how about your own backyard luge track? And finally my back sure would thank me if I could only afford this for next winter.

This week we listened to a compelling interview about net neutrality that explains why we should all know and understand this issue. The quote that most caught our eye as spoken by Harvard Law School professor Susan Crawford:

For about $25 a month [Seoul and Stockholm] are getting gigabits symmetrical service, which is 100 times faster than the very fastest connection available in the United States and for a 17th of the price.

You’ve probably seen the group selfie taken at the Oscars that broke Twitter (or this is the first you’re hearing of it and you just don’t care). But when was the first group selfie taken? Could it be this photograph from 1920?

NPR reports on the use of “advance directives” to cut health care costs.

In more Oscar news, John Travolta butchered Idina Menzel’s name. Now you can see how he might introduce you. Travoltified, I’m “Dean Stewaeert”.


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