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Getty’s ‘kinda free’ images, the pot warehouse crunch, and holding hands for heat

Getty Images opened its vast treasure house of images (well, most of them) to free use on blogs and social media as embedded files last week. While this is great news for bloggers and anyone who’s run afoul of copyright rules, there are LOTS of caveats here. Before you start adding images all over the place, read through this blog post from the Legal Genealogist. Free isn’t always free.

Whether you agree or disagree with legalized marijuana, it is having an impact on real estate, according to The Denver Post. Denver is running out of industrial space that can be turned in to large marijuana growing operations. “Rabid demand for warehouses is pitting pot dispensary against pot dispensary, while landlords capitalize by charging premium lease rates. Industrial brokers report instances of warehouse space leasing for as much as four times the prices paid before medical marijuana sales began to boom in 2009.”

But of course: A Pew study out Thursday suggests library users tend to be pillars of the community, with good ties to their neighbors and positive lives.

Business Insider writer James Clear reflects on the successful career of Jerry Seinfeld and reminds us that top performance is not about results, it’s about the process and not breaking the chain.

The recent security breaches at Target and other retailers have got us thinking about identify theft, Internet security, and privacy. Forbes reminds us that tax season is a time we are particularly vulnerable. We realize it is better to be proactive, rather than reactive. In our quest for identity protection we found this useful chart “Identity Theft Protection Services Review.” The IRS also provides some useful guidance and best practices for protection.

It’s time to spring clean your iPhone, says the Huffington Post. Clear the browser cache, turn off the location services and automatic app updates and you will be good to go.

Duracell launched a clever campaign in snowy Montreal this winter. Bus shelters in Montreal don’t have heating – too expensive in that cold town – but the battery company set one up where the only way you could get heat was to hold hands with your neighbor.

Smartphones have gone from Oh Wow! to Meh, looks about the same… but most of us are still stuck on that two year upgrade cycle. I mean, do we really need a fingerprint unlock tool? If you’re looking to see how you might be able to jump ship, or at least slow down the upgrade train, the New York Times has some ideas on how to make our smartphones last longer.

Love to play electronic games and need to find your real estate agent’s phone number?  This handy business card has contact information AND lets you play Tetris at the same time. It’s only at the design stage now, but watch for – you guessed it – a kickstarter campaign soon!

Music says a lot about your life, but it can also improve it.

Chicago will be getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day by dyeing the Chicago River Green on Saturday morning.  It’s a grand tradition, with up to 50,000 people watching the Journeyman Plumbers Union turn the river green.  I haven’t found any other city that does this.  It truly is the Chicago way!


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