What We’re Reading: April 26 – May2

eBooks trouble for kids, who wants to move, and the death of twitter

Two reading boys. With paper book and electronic bookeBooks are great, but maybe not for young children. A recent study found that students who read on ebooks vs those who read the same passage in a traditional book had lower reading comprehension. The article also mentions previous work that shows how the interactive features of ebooks can impact the level of understanding – both good and bad. The authors say more study is needed.

Which states have the most restless populations? According to a recent Gallop survey, Illinois and Connecticut. Residents of those two states expressed the strongest desire to move away. Where are people happiest to stay put? Montana, Hawaii, Oregon, and Maine.

This week The Atlantic says Twitter is dying as noise overtakes conversation. Slate fires back that, no, Twitter is on the verge of becoming something much more analogous to YouTube with both content generators and content consumers. Somehow I don’t see it…

Wanna buy an igloo? Now’s your chance! But if you’re expecting it to be made of ice, you’ll be disappointed.

Amazon compiled the cities that spend the most on their pets. Miami residents bought the most apparel and accessories, grooming products and health supplies, while Seattle residents bought the most pet treats. San Jose, California, boasted the most sales of horse-related products.

Consumer Reports recently released the automobile fuel economy ratings with some of the results outside the firewall.

Misplace your glasses or just having a very blurry day? Try making a pinhole with your hand and all will be clear. The video accompanying this story tells you why. Now you just have to figure out how not to look like a dork with your fists shoved in your face all day.


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