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Consumer debt, Amazon music, and love conquers all

Love-locks, Pont des Arts

by Flikr user David McFaddon

Trivia question: what U.S. government agency costs the taxpayers nothing, provides significant returns to taxpayers ($1.6 billion in revenues sent to the U.S. Treasury), and has supported 1.2 million jobs in the United States over the past five years? Find out here.

Uh oh. Consumers appear to be taking on more debt again forgetting the lessons of the last recession.

Tired of Facebook ads that forever remind you that you looked at new eyeglasses six months ago? The social network is allowing its users to alter their ad profiles.

Novelty architecture had its heyday in the 1940s and 50s as the advent of car culture made business owners feel they had to quickly convey an image of their offerings to speeding motorists. Hence the rise of bottle-shaped restaurants or giant donuts on the side of the road. While not as popular today, some architects still design buildings to reflect the work that goes on inside. Gizmodo gathers a list of 7 buildings that resemble their missions, both old and new. Especially love the library in Kansas City.

Sentimental “locks of love” lead to a bridge railing collapse in Paris.  Lovers attach a padlock with their names written on it  and toss the key in the river to represent their eternal love.  Touching, but the weight of the locks has destroyed a railing on the Pont des Arts bridge.  I’ve seen a few locks on the Michigan Avenue Bridge, but nothing like in Paris.

Remember when the trend in cell phones was smaller and smaller? Ah the glory days. Relive the memories with a collection of classic cell phone promotions from the 1980s all the way to the game changer, the iPhone.

Electric bike to cumbersome? Segway too fancy? Maybe the trikelet is for you. With a top speed of 20 km/hour and a range of 15 km, this foldable, compact electric transport is still in development.

How you feel as you enter the supermarket is crucial. Are you depressed, feeling fat, exhausted, feeling guilty, or looking to reward yourself? All can play havoc with your diet. Learn how to deal with shopping under the influence.

Amazon is adding to its Prime goodies, offering a free streaming music service as part of the annual $99 fee in the US. But don’t cancel your Spotify just yet: the service will have far fewer titles and for some there will be a delay in availability. And the company is still trying to come to terms to include the catalog of the largest music company, Universal.

Lying on the beach, frolicking in the sun, and lots of outdoor time mean summer is here. But it can also mean dehydration if you’re not careful. How about another gadget to wear on your wrist to help you know when you need to crack open another bottle of water? While not on the market yet, I hope it doesn’t resemble the image in the picture accompanying the story. When you’re dried out, the last thing you want is a beer or a cocktail.


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