What We’re Reading: June 14-20

DDoS on realtor.com, Amazon’s new smartphone, and how to say you’re sorry

DDoS concept with the focus on the return buttonYou might have noticed realtor.com and its affiliated websites have been having some problems this week. The website was the victim of cyber attacks designed to overwhelm its servers, effectively shutting it down for three days. Move, Inc., the operator of the website even received a ransom note. These distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) are becoming more and more common unfortunately. Attacks have increased 8-fold over the last year.

Amazon enters the smart phone market this week with its Amazon Fire. Key features include dynamic perspective (won’t this suck down the battery in nothing flat?) and firefly, a button that uses the phone’s camera to recognize (and purchase) physical products, or its microphone to listen to (and purchase) songs. Will the relatively low price of the phone overcome its lack of carrier support and available apps?

I’m an Apple TV fan, and it looks like some improvements are finally coming to the little black box.

It’s summer and you should be outside anyway: how to cut cable but keep your shows.

Saying sorry at the office is not always an easy thing. Strategy: apologize, take responsibility, and propose a solution.

The FCC offers some updates on net neutrality and an announced an investigation.


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