What We’re Reading: Aug. 2-8

Zillow + Trulia reactions, Russian hackers, and Mind the Gap!

Zillow and Trulia merger: What will it mean for  the business? or even your business? Check out the thoughts of some real estate bloggers.

You’ve probably heard about the billion stolen passwords, now in the hands of Russian hackers. Now you might be left wondering, “What do I do?” New York Times writer Molly Wood offers some solid advice. Most notably: assume you’ve been hacked and take the necessary precautions.

Most expensive state to close a mortgage: Texas. Least: Nevada.

Architects don’t like it, but Apple’s spaceship-shaped headquarters design reflects Steve Jobs’ thinking and how he designed Pixar’s headquarters 20 years ago.

Facebook is getting rid of the prompt asking if you want to send a birthday gift card to your friends. Facebook’s Gift Service will end on August 12.

I love stories with a happy ending! A group of commuters saved a man trapped between a subway train and the platform by pushing the train away from the man and freeing him. People working together can accomplish wonderful things.

Eating seasonally is becoming the thing once again. Obviously August is a great time for melons, tomatoes and fruit, but it’s also mussel season too. Check out what’s fresh and in-season!

So a hotel threatens wedding parties with a $500 fine for any negative reviews it finds online. Result: everyone complains and its rating is in the toilet. They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but I’m not so sure…

Looking for a new bike? Check out Teague X/Sizemore “Denny” e-bike, winner of the Oregon Manifest Design Contest.


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