What We’re Reading – Aug. 9-15

Where we came from, real estate in Japan, and a Bloody Mary to end them all

NYTThe New York Times Upshot section has a fun set of graphs this week that looks at state migration patterns from 1900 to today, state by state. Look at Florida and you can see the rise of immigrants from New York in the 1960s, or North Carolina’s rapid growth from the 1990s. Fun stuff!

Japan vs. U.S. real estate culture. Buying an existing home is almost a foreign concept in Japan, where the vast majority of consumers prefer to tear down and build new rather than live in someone else’s house. Home improvement, DIY, and Flip this House – none of it’s popular in Japan. The desire for what’s new runs deep in Japanese culture, tied to the country’s opening to the West in the 19th century as well as religious belief.

Today’s USB connectors can only plug in one way. Making one-sided USBs more annoying is the fact that it’s not always obvious which way is the right way to plug in. The 15-year old technology has produced a fair share of headaches from strained, squinty eyes trying to discern which way is up. Well, coming soon (hopefully): the reversible USB 3.0.

Though technically “not what we’re reading” and more “what we’re seeing,” we thought this next item apropos to share for this last month of summer: lather up that sunscreen! Check out this short video on Upworthy to see the effects of UV rays with and without sunscreen.

World’s best Yo-Yo-er shows off his amazing skills.

One day, perhaps, we’ll have holograms that appear when we go to the pay our respects at the graves of departed loved ones. They’ll show up like a message from Princess Leia, say hello, and disappear after comforting the visitors. Until then, we have a stopgap technology: QR codes.

Because we can’t get enough of them on social media: British Airways is adding a channel of cat videos.

I love a good Bloody Mary with Sunday brunch. Sometimes it’s almost a meal in itself with pickled peppers, sausage, cheese, celery, etc. Leave it to Wisconsin to take it to the max. How about a whole fried chicken and a few skewers of jalapeno poppers? Hope you’re hungry and have a few friends (and a designated driver).


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