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Recommendations from the NAR LinkedIn Group

Adapted from Flickr user veryuseful.

Adapted from an image by Flickr user veryuseful (CC license).

We often get the question in Information Central, “Who do you recommend to make a website for my brokerage?” Recently the NAR LinkedIn Group discussed this exact topic, so we thought it apropos to share the findings. Please note that we do not have direct experience with any of these website providers, and are just sharing them as a launching point for those looking for a website vendor. Should one pursue any of these resources, s/he should be sure to engage in further investigation and research to ensure the tool selected meets his/her requirements.

We use Drupal Gardens for the REALTOR® University Library website. This tool requires some level of sophistication with CSS and HTML, and is not for the web design neophyte. Drupal Gardens also requires designing the architecture and layout of one’s site.

Some other tools that practicing real estate professionals recommended on the NAR LinkedIn Group discussion include (in alphabetical order):

Of course we will mention that offers pre-made agent and broker website templates and web hosting services. When the .realtor domain is released on October 23, 2014, REALTORS® can acquire a .realtor domain and opt to use a ready-to-publish template for their website.

Update from 11/19/2014: Another option for real estate websites is NAR’s new benefit partner Placester. Learn more about this partnership here.

Kate Stockert

Information & Web Content Specialist at the National Association of REALTORS®

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  1. Thanks Kate, It’s a good stuff in a nutshell.

  2. Having a .Realtor email and website would be the same as showing your license to potential customers – not a .gov level yet , but very trustworthy. Plus , even though it has been confirmed by Google that gTLDs won’t have any seo benefits for industry related searches, still having a REALTOR keyword as part of domain name will deferentially help to get some SEPR related to “Realtor” or maybe even “Real Estate” searches.

  3. Thank you for the Drupal Gardens info. It will definitely be interesting to see what role the .realtor domains do have within the industry as we move forward.

  4. Interesting that realestatewebmasters is not on the list

  5. Abby Creitz

    This post is from two years ago and was based on a LinkedIn group’s suggestions.

  6. The issue is that many agents think if you build a really good website you are done and in the game. The fact is it is only the start of the journey, creating unique and useful content, building links, and many many other things that will need to be done in order to be successful online.