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Homeowner’s Insurance, Passive-Aggressive Products, and Green Real Estate

Insuring the home adequately against the gamut of natural and made-made disasters can prove tricky. Some California home owners learned this the hard way with the recent earthquake in Napa Valley. New York Times writer Ann Carrns gives the scoop on the topic of homeowner’s insurance.

ikeaWith tongue-in-cheek, Ikea advertises its print catalog. The ad reminds us a little of the popular 2007 YouTube meme Middle Ages Tech Support.

In a succinct editorial, Chicago Tribune writer highlights the lessons learned regarding the Internet crime that took place this week against several celebrities. Though everyone should be entitled to the transfer of private messages and photos–regardless of two-factor authentication and strength of password–there are some steps we should all take to increase our protection. For starters: make sure your computer or device’s firewall is turned on and your passwords are strong.

Real estate brokering requires creativity and innovation, often achieved through niche marketing. One Colorado broker found a new “green” niche market. Hint: it’s not the first type of green that comes to mind. Speaking of green: real estate brokering also entails burning through gallons of expensive gasoline to run between listings. Thus, we keep our eye on car companies offering alternative energy options. This week Tesla announced big plans for its electric car production. Potentially, such cars could get 3.5 cents a mile.

What do knee guards, spike vests, and smartphones have in common? They are ideal for the passive-aggressives in your life.

These days the field of “alternative construction” is gaining momentum–tiny , net-zero, shipping container, and much more. A net-zero prefab home in Massachusetts stole the alternative construction spotlight this week.

What do Chinese home buyers need during the home buying process?  Guanxi, otherwise known as networking or relationships. Chinese buyers rely on agents not only to find them a home, but setting up bank accounts, touring exclusive schools and property management services.

Kate Stockert

Information & Web Content Specialist at the National Association of REALTORS®

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