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Failure to refinance, moving for climate change, and unaffordable California

The Washington Post had an interesting article this week on why homeowners who would benefit from a refinancing of their mortgage don’t bother. Some think they won’t qualify, some think it’s a scam, some don’t want to rock the boat, and some just assume it’s junk mail. They couldn’t be further from the truth…

Flickr user Steve Wall

Flickr user Steve Wall

Today most relocations are for jobs, family or school. But what about in the future when climate change starts to really cause some havoc with flooding, fires, and temperature rises? Climatologist expect the Pacific Northwest and Alaska to be the new popular relocation options with the best protection from climate change.

California has often been portrayed as people’s ultimate relocation goal. But now, cities across the state are grappling with a dwindling stock of housing that can be considered affordable for anyone but the wealthiest. In much of the state, a two-bedroom apartment or home is virtually impossible to acquire with anything less than a six-figure salary. Blame it on the tech sector, investors, flippers, or whatever, but the housing stock in the state can’t keep up…or salaries aren’t keeping up with home prices.

Wage garnishment — typically thought of as a tool for collecting unpaid child support or back taxes — is increasingly being wielded by lenders and collection agencies, and it’s hitting middle class and blue-collar workers the hardest.

Not a good week for Apple: If it’s not one thing it’s another. First there was the bent iPhone 6 Plus , then an update to iOS8 caused the new phones to stop working, leading to a rare pull-back from Apple. At least they sold 10 million of the things. And Reuters gives you ten great suggestions to repurpose your old iPhone—from baby monitor to remote control and more.

If you could go online, select a home, print the plans for free, and build it yourself for less than $80,000 in a few days, would you? That’s the dream behind WikiHouse, an open source home design project that just finished construction of its fourth prototype, a two-storey home that snaps together in just a few days.

This Old House magazine published an interesting slideshow of items found in old houses during renovations. You never know what you might find!

Starbucks is testing a coffee beverage that tastes like Guinness, but without the alcohol and probably a ton more sugar.

There’s a new social network bubbling up in the news: ello is invite only and its big draw: no ads.


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