What We’re Reading: Sept. 27-Oct. 3

REALTOR® Safety, Windows 10, and net neutrality

Tragedy this week with the murder of Arkansas REALTOR® Beverly Carter while showing a property. Another unfortunate reminder that REALTORS® work in an industry that is less safe than you think. There are ways to protect yourself and the end of REALTOR® Safety Month is a good time to review your options.

Having good neighbors may reduce your heart attack risk, new research suggests.

It turns out the reading on a screen affects your ability to read on a page. As people spend more time online where reading involves more skimming and jumping around the page in a non-linear fashion, the less they are able to concentrate on deep reading lines of text.

Microsoft announced the next version of its desktop and tablet operating system this week: Windows 10. But what happened to Windows 9? The company has been less than forthcoming but some think it has to do with programming laziness in apps that search for machines that use Windows 95 or Windows 98 but only search on the first digit as a shortcut (i.e.’windows 9′).

With equal access to the Internet or “net neutrality” on the minds of many Americans today, many are scrutinizing Comcast’s proposed merger with Time Warner Cable.

You think you have mortgage problems? Even the former head of the Federal Reserve Bank can’t refinance his mortgage, according to Bloomberg News. Have mortgage lending standards been tightened too far?

Amazon addict? There are a few tricks to getting the best deal on the site. Most of these I knew, but didn’t realize you could get alerted on price drops.


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