What We’re Reading: Oct. 4-10

Saving for college, beavers to the rescue, and college football’s reach

Affording college these days is near impossible. Or is it? New York Times writer Andrea Levere covers College Savings Account programs. The results provide a dose of some much needed optimism.

Want to improve the opinion of your performance and writing? First try looking at your font choice. Research is showing that what fonts you use can impact how the reader views your work. Obviously comic sans is a big no-no, but for true credibility, stick with a serif font like Baskerville or even Times New Roman.

As the days grow darker, calls for much of New England to switch to the Atlantic Time Zone once again appear. Used by Canada’s maritime provinces, parts of the Caribbean and South America, Atlantic Standard Time would be more in tune with ‘observed’ time in New England. It’s not an easy process to switch however.

Decades, even centuries ago, it wasn’t uncommon for people to enlist the help of beavers, but interest has been renewed as communities confront declining salmon runs and water supply issues. In Washington State, beavers who are flooding homes and farms are being relocated to rebuild watersheds. Some transplants are successful, others not so much. One beaver swam 40 miles back down the river to be with his mate. Awww…!

tapestryWhere you live can give a good indication of who you are and what you buy, according to mapping software company Esri. The Wall Street Journal reports that the firm took census and marketing data to create  a detailed picture of the socio-economics and demographics as well as attitudes and brand preferences of people in a given zip code. Try your zip code here.

Dumbphone are now officially cool—some hipsters enjoy not being connected to their phone all the time.  Flip phones (remember those?) are old school and cheap, and allow you to interact with the world instead of just your phone.

With data based on Facebook ‘likes’, NYT’s Upshot estimated the boundaries of fandom for 84 college football teams.

Instagram turns 4 this month. What was popular back in that first year? #snowpocalypse, #movember, and #angrybirds, among others. It really takes you back, huh?

Although I think they fall into the category of ‘food best purchased rather than made’ you can now make cronuts at home.


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