What We’re Reading: Oct 18-24

Why we move, computer hackers, and a spooky chair

A new study published in the journal Urban Studies takes a close look at the connection between these two types of moves – moving for jobs versus moving for housing. Richard Florida gives the short version in the Atlantic’s CityLab: Changing your job appears to influence whether you move more than changing where you live influences changing your job. 

Computer hackers never cease to find new forms of malice to afflict upon unwitting people and businesses. The latest in a slew of cybercrime scandals is a deceptive re-routing of Internet phone calls with the intent of creating expensive phone bills. The target: many small businesses in the United States. New York Times’ writer Nicole Perlroth shares the details

Just in time for Halloween – a spooky chair.  ‘Coppelius Chair’ by designer Yaara Dekel is a piece of furniture that will not only scare you, but also make you think. It delves into Sigmund Freud’s concept of ‘the uncanny,’ that is to say, something as familiar as a chair can give off feelings of unfamiliarity at the same time…though I wouldn’t recommend it for home staging!

You say potato, I say french fries. A new book on accents uses a crowd-sourced audio map of how people say potato around the world.

The iPod turns 13 this week. When it came out it only held 5 GB or about a 1,000 songs. At $400 it wasn’t cheap, that’s for sure.


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